Friday, April 15, 2011

Lumene Natural Code

vasemmalta oikealle:

1. SKIN PERFECTOR Mineral Shimmer Highlighter
Natural arctic plantain fights against impurities. Shimmering glow, non-pore clogging. Freshly radiant and glowing face with shimmer highlighter.

2. EYE DRAMATIZER Volume-Maximizing Mascara, Blackest Black
Impressive volume with Fluffy Brush. Conditioned lashes with natural arctic plantain, paraben-free.

3. NAIL STYLER Mini nail polish, 7 Rock 'n roll

4. EYE DRAMATIZER Liquid Eyeliner, 1 Deep Black <my favourite

5. SKIN PERFECTOR Cover Pencil, 1 Zero Faults
Perfect cover for imperfections. Natural arctic plantain fights against impurities.

6. SMILE BOOSTER Lipstick, 10 Juicy Plum

Sain tämän ihanan paketin lehtitilauksen mukana! :)


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